Public speaking

Public Speaking

While motivational and public speaking is not my foremost profession I perceive it as a rewarding and gratifying interest.


It is a way for me to communicate my passion and my stories that inspire.  We all know how these “HooHaa” moments at motivational talks and seminars fade after just a few days.  My aim is to fundamentally drive audiences to do something different and show people how I can, as their life coach, help them to reach goals they think are impossible.  I am an empathetic and authentic and enthusiastic person that equips me to effectively influence people’s mindsets positively, through my real stories and life experiences.  I have the skills to enable them to make the Choice to take the Chance to make the Change!


Make the Choice to take the Chance to make the Change!

My sole purpose is to make a difference in people’s life. To equip them with the right tools (mindset and thinking) to enable them to improve and enhance their life quality through positive neuro-plasticity.  The services I offer to achieve this are as follows can be conducted in any combination Individual, group or corporate sessions


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