Life coach

Why do I need Coaching?

Going back to the quote from Mahatma Ghandi; You may ask, “but why do I need a Life Coach, this sounds rather easy?”  You will be correct in saying  that it appears simple, yet many of us need an accountability partner , e.g. a life coach to support us in the process.   If you are the type of person that typically starts a new project or sets a new goal with good intentions and motivation, but soon get derailed, become despondent and lose interest , when left to your own devices you could need life coach to make sure that you aspirations are realistic and maintain focus.  Life Coaching may assist you in identifying and applying good habits, which in turn, become a way of life.   So why walk the journey on your own when the presence of a life coach could make your life so much easier through structured assistance?


What to expect from my coaching sessions

As your Life Coach, I will act as your strategist and motivator and support you to formulate and work towards new goals.  I could utilize my skills, to guide you to adjust your current, perhaps ineffective, mindset and behaviour to reflect your values.  Values are stable convictions of that which is good, important and desirable in your life.  To adapt your values are sometimes required to gain new perspective and behaviours in living your life.   My approach could assist you to accurately identify those aspects of your life you want to change or what new goals you wish to achieve.   These aspects could be anything ranging from strained relationships, job satisfaction, lifestyle changes (e.g. obesity and fitness), improved financial management, realistic career goals, dealing with trauma (e.g. abuse, death, separation and job loss), acceptance of sexual orientation, and many more.   My skills set of effective questioning and meaningful conversations that could bring matters previously located in your subconscious, to your conscious thoughts.   This could explain why you perhaps may not have managed to achieve goals or change for the better.  Once such inhibitors have been identified, we could work together to determine the next steps.   I could use tools and techniques, which may include vision formulation and goal setting.   Please take note: a number of sessions may be required to equip you with the skills and ability to adapt to new ways of thinking and to adjust your behaviour accordingly.

Specific interest

Obesity and Weight loss

Although I am equipped to coach clients on dealing with a number of diverse obstacles, I am particularly passionate about assisting clients that have challenges with their weight and how this impacts their lives.

Weight related issues largely arise from mental and emotional challenges. People know what they should eat, or not, to lose weight – the challenge is that they do not do what they know they should do.  I can assist clients to identify and eliminate those issues that prevents them from following a healthy lifestyle.  In the process I facilitate the exposure of the emotional issues, beliefs that limit optimal functioning and self-sabotage patterns that prevent clients from following a healthy lifestyle.  With a new thought process and appropriate mind-set,  clients could avoid yo-yo dieting and be empowered you to enjoy everyday food in moderation.  That is, making food your friend and not your enemy.

My sole purpose is to make a difference in people’s life. To equip them with the right tools (mindset and thinking) to enable them to improve and enhance their life quality through positive neuro-plasticity.  The services I offer to achieve this are as follows can be conducted in any combination Individual, group or corporate sessions


Operating Hours

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