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Saving for a holiday or buying a house, appropriate distribution of disposable income and acquiring wealth sensibly.

Through business strategic planning, BigVenture  facilitates the achievement of the following objectives:
  • Formulate the company’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Conduct an analysis that reflects the company’s internal conditions and capabilities.
  • Assess the company’s external environment, including the remote, the industry and the operating environments.
  • Analyze the company’s options by matching its resources with the external environment.
  • Identify the most desirable options by evaluating each option in light of the company’s mission.
  • Select a set of long-term objectives and grand strategy that will achieve the most desirable result.
  • Develop annual objectives and short-term strategies that are compatible with the selected set of long-term objectives and grand strategy.
  • Implement the strategic choices by means of budgeted resources