My Uber trip with Doctor

This is why I love my job!

I have the privilege to offer my knowledge, skills and services to people who need it. To help Doctor make his dream (for him unreachable – but not farfetched) come true. What an amazing person. He is intelligent, compassionate and was concerned about my safety at the Sandton Gautrain station and made sure that I am safe.

He has so many ideas of what he wants to do, but never took that first step in doing it because of limited beliefs. He is more than just an Uber driver. There is so much value in taking the effort of finding out more about a person and finding all the hidden treasures and remind them of their full potential. To not be mediocre. To get out there, take risks, take action and make it happen. After a free 35 minute coaching session with him in the car, I could see the sparkle in his eyes, hope in his bright smile and enthusiasm in his body language. I gave him my card and told him to call me for further coaching sessions for free. I do this because I want to and because I can. The reward for me, will be to equip him with the right mindset and tools to reach his dream and accomplish it, because I know, and after the trip, he too, believes he can. In just 35 minutes he shifted 180 degrees from I can’t to I can! I am looking forward to the journey with Doctor. It adds Immeasurable pleasure and contentment to my life in supporting someone, to not only realise their full potential, but also working towards achieving his goals and making his dreams come true. Watch this space to follow Doctor’s progress towards his dream!

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