I’ve gradually resurfaced.

I recovered from a knee injury. Bad habits sneaked into my days and I became lazy. I needed to get out of my comfort zone. I realised that, in order for me to fuel my internal motivation, I need to surround myself with athletes, especially runners. “Why?”, would you ask.


They become your family. There is no such thing as average or mediocre. Runners are never satisfied with same results. They get bored and want more. They stretch their capabilities to go further or faster. Moving out of their comfort zone is a natural accelerator and motivator. They set higher goals, plan, focus and train with consistency and determination. They sacrifice socially. They don’t necessarily finish the race or achieve their time goal. But they don’t give up. They recover, get back up, learn from mistakes, restart with an improved plan. They are inspired by their running buddies that are always there, throughout the process, to motivate, support and encourage. They run the race again (sometimes more than once) and do it! They celebrate achievements. Then there’s a void once the euphoria of achievement and celebration subsides. They say: “Okay, got the medal, got the t-shirt” what next?” They set new goals and off they go!


I’ve always considered myself as a “loner” when training, but in the past few weeks I realised I don’t want to do it on my own. I miss my accountability partner and motivator, Anton Kapp. So I recently re-joined my amazing running group after 5 months’ absence. It’s going to take time, patience, commitment and hard work to prepare for my second Cape Town Marathon and complete it in under 5 hours this time.


It only dawned upon me, on one of my morning runs, that I have (unknowingly) adapted the attitude of an athlete. I’ve lost focus for a few months and experienced frustration and conflict. I realised I need to re-apply the above approach in every day living. It’s a conscious choice. I need to take action and surround myself with passionate, motivated and driven people.


If you are not happy with your life, doing what you’ve always done, or want more, then you have to be an “athlete” and surround yourself with “athletes”. Challenge yourself to do something new. It doesn’t have to be huge changes.
Set those goals. Feel uncomfortable. Feel the fear. Convert it into excitement and use it as the driving force to motivate you towards taking action. Make a plan. Train your brain to think the right thoughts and do the right things. Visualise the goal and experience it, as if you’ve already achieved it. Feel the sense of achievement and its rewards. Allow it to motivate you. Don’t give up when you have setbacks or obstacles. Take some bricks, build your bridge and get over it. Take the positive lessons learnt, improve your plan. Move on swiftly.


If you can feel it, see it and believe it, you CAN DO IT! Success starts the moment you set the goal.


I leave you with the wise words of Henry Ford: “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right”


Go find the “athlete” in you!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.


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