947 Cycle Challenge 2016

Pardon the pun – Cycle Challenge!


Amazing how quick your life can change in an instant!


I was not planning to participate in the 2016 947 Cycle Challenge but then my best friend Anton Kapp got the disappointing news that, due to an injury to his foot, he will not be able to participate. His brother’s, Johann Kapp, puppy dog eyes melted my heart and could not let him ride it on his own and in a fleeting moment of insanity, I agreed to cycle with him. So, instead of accompanying them to fetch their numbers, we substituted Anton’s entry.  The last time I got on my bicycle was with the Argus in March. Oeps!  One thing I knew for sure:  I am going to build a lot of character the next day.

As I always say; “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Tomorrow I will be alive!!! I rewarded myself upfront, with a beautiful new cycling shirt and matching gloves.


I did it! My 5th 947 Cycle Challenge. And I am proud of my time – 06h31, my worst ever, but who cares. My achievement is priceless and does not need to have a perceptible dimension. Got the medal (and it looks the same as the one who did it in sub-4), and I got the T-Shirt, that I am proudly wearing this morning.


This was my Freedom ride. The Freedom to choose how I live my life; with a positive attitude. The Freedom to choose my future, a new career path, because that is what I want to do.  I want to inspire and I want to help other people to get unstuck and be free.  But most of all, I want to be HAPPY!
To accept when losing personality on the tough parts of yesterday’s route in the blazing sun and rolling hills, because I chose to take on this challenge and I knew that I wasn’t fit enough and it wasn’t going to be easy.
The Freedom to decide what is important; when it was okay to stop under the bridge to re-fuel, re-energise (mind & body) and give the sore bum a rest.
The freedom to achieve anything I apply my mind to. (and the body faithfully follows) To have the courage to go sit at the same “almost-quit-spot” of 2014 in Steyn City under the tree on the cool green grass in the dying stretch of the race, but not with planning to quit this time (because I am not doing this race for myself alone, but for my disappointed dear brother from another mother, Anton Kapp, that was unable to participate, after months of training) and still get up and finish the last 7km’s.


Because mind and body is systemic. And that is why I handed over my medal to Anton.
The Freedom to create my own experience because I have all the resources within me. I know it’s deep, but my impromptu decision to ride was very liberating. I built so much character and I’ve grown so much!
To have the Freedom of choice to accept the things you have no control of, and making the best of the situation. To not be victimised by circumstances, but to empower yourself to overcome it and walk out the other side victoriously.


For me choosing to not have a “broken” body after what I put it through yesterday and to miraculously not have any sore muscles (except the bum, but that was foreseeable and fortuitously) and still have the ability to go run 3km’s this morning.


Thank you for everyone’s faith in my abilities, the well wishes, for everyone’s “wi-fi” support and for the congratulating messages. I really appreciate it, and it fills my Love Tank.


These experiences are what makes life worth living passionately and I am privileged to be able to share them with you.



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  1. There is a critical shortage of inoimratfve articles like this.

    1. Thank you Viki, I am glad you find it informative. Look out for my latest post.

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