Jy het ‘n Wenresep

Jy het ‘n Wenresep


I recently had the opportunity to take part in a television program on KykNet Via [Channel 147].  The recording of the program was an amazing experience, one that many people seldom get to do.


It’s a cooking program and three contestants share their favourite dish.  The dish is connected to a story.  It will be broadcasted on the 4th of October 2017.


Here’s my story and the motivation behind my Bacon Bombs.


It was not a nostalgic story of my childhood or Ouma Gerty’s secret family milktart recipe.  It’s a modern version of my journey on how I converted food to be my friend and not my enemy.


My best friend, Anton Kapp and I know each other for many years and have been through many challenging times.  We’ve supported and motivated each other all the way.  In Afrikaans they refer to; “deur dik en dun”.  We did just that literally and figuratively.


We worked together in Cape Town.  Both of us were overweight and inactive.  He looked like Casper de Vries with his puffy cheeks and glasses.  He had 2 hip replacements and has a bilateral foot. I had no excuse.  I was stuck in a grossly obese body and moving around was uncomfortable.


Anton relocated to Johannesburg and turned his life around, following a healthy and gluten free eating plan and started exercising.


I took drastic measures, followed a low carb, high fat eating plan.   I lost a lot of weight and became active.  Gradually progressing from walking to 5km fun runs, half-marathons, full marathons, many cycle races and most recently my first Midmar Mile.


I started exercising with Anton when I moved to Johannesburg.  He convinced me to enter for my 1st full Marathon (42.2).  In a brief moment of insanity, I sais yes, I can do it, but then you have to do it with me.   We spent many hours training early morning when everyone was still sleeping and shared many stories, tears, laughter and pain.  And then, we did it! We completed our first full marathon in 2015.  Not in my wildest dreams, did I ever believe that one day, Anton and I will accomplish so many sporting achievements.


Bacon Bombs played an integral role in this journey and today still.   Thanks to Anton for sharing his discovery with me.  It is gluten free, versatile and provides the necessary energy for my training programs.


It’s very easy to make.


Line a giant muffin pan with streaky bacon.  Whisk 6 large eggs, add salt and pepper to taste.    Add anything you like to the egg mixture.  I use cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, a little mustard and spring onions as basis.  You can add peppadews, baby spinach, mushrooms, feta and olives or brie and cranberries.  Spoon the egg mixture with added ingredients into the streaky bacon lined muffin pan.  Bake it in the often at 200 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes!  Viola!  You have Bacon Bombs.

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