Humble beginnings

From fun runs to marathons


So this morning, apart from still not being used to not having a job to go to, part of my routine, once I have a cup of coffee in my hand and admire my view of the Jozi Cityscape, is to scroll through my Facebook memories.


This morning I was reminded of my humble beginnings when I decided to live healthy and lose weight.  On this day, 7 years back, I ran my first 5km fun run.  It immediately took me back to that magnificent feeling of achievement.  Experiencing the unknown for the first time.  And now, 7 years later, I can still remember the experience of how wonderful the reward is when hard work & patience pays off and how how developed into a marathon runner.


People often ask me, how do they go about it, if they want to start running, to lose weight.  The first thing I say is; “Just Start” and then; “Baby Steps”!


It takes me back to end 2009, I weighed 130 kg’s.  I had lost 40kg’s already but still in the process of losing another 50kg’s.  I wanted to lose it quicker!  I bought a pair of tekkies and a running outfit.  My kids (then still teenagers) were very surprised, asking me where am I going and what am I going to do?  Their surprised expression was something to admire and it was that reaction that motivated me to go for my first walk, after losing my first 20 kg’s.  And that’s how it first started.  I walked 1km.  The next day I walked a little further.  After a 2 weeks, I was able to walk 2km faster and without discomfort.  I then started running 100m and walk 100m.  Slowly increasing the running and decreasing the walking until I could run the full 2km.  It was a slow process that necessitated lots of perseverance, determination but especially the support from the boys fetching my tekkies and pushing me out the front door when I didn’t want to go run).  It’s also okay to get despondent, but the important thing is to not disregard the support you get.  Allow family, friends & loved ones to support you because it is just as important for them to see you achieve your goals.  Break your goals down in small bits.  It’s when you see the huge mountain, when you are inclined to give up.  Reward yourself when reaching each step of your goal.


After 6 weeks, I was ready for my first 5km fun run at the Lagoon Festival in Langebaan. The small little rewards in life.  Looking back 7 years and today and not even able to count the kilometers I had covered on tar, with either my tekkies or my bicycle, Stevie Boy, appreciating the experiences (the good and bad, the tears and the cheers) and receiving my first of many medals.


But what’s even more rewarding to me, is the privilege and ability to help others achieve their health & fitness goals and inspire more people to start exercising.


It’s my time to give back!  Once again, saying THANK YOU to each and everyone in my life that had supported me through my weight loss and fitness journey the past 8 years and, even more so, the people that have supported my decision to quit my corporate job, believing in me and giving me advise the past 6 months.  Allowing me to start a new and exciting chapter in my Life!



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